Places to go in Jaffna


Places of interest in Jaffna

The Nallur Kandasamy Kovil

Jaffna is the capital city of northern part of the island of Sri Lanka. The majority of the population in Jaffna is Hindu and therefore Jaffna is home for countless Hindu Temples. By far Nallur temple is the most popular Hindu temple in Jaffna. The Gopuram of the temple is more than 100 feet in height and decorated with beautiful, intricating designs. Nallur temple regarded as the most significant Hindu shrine in Jaffna, due to its antiquity. The present temple is dating back to 17th century AD but the original construction of the temple is dating back to 15th century AD. Present temple was constructed after the old temple was destroyed by the Portuguese army.  The temple is dedicated to God Murugan and daily ceremonies are performed with participation of devotees. Annual ceremony at the temple, which take place in august is the major event of Nallur temple. It is participated by hundreds of thousands of devotees from all around the world. The event is winding up on the 24th day of the ceremony with a colorful parade.

The Dutch Fort

It is one of the best preserving Dutch forts in the island. The fort was constructed by Dutch in 1600’s and surrounded by the waters of the Jaffna lagoon. It had been inaccessible in the recent past due to the security reasons but today it is open for the visitors as the security improved. The fort is being renovated and plans are underway to improve it as an attraction for tourists.

Jaffna Archeological Museum

Jaffna museum is one of the important places that need your attention. Large numbers of interesting artifacts are being displayed in the museum of Jaffna. Whale bones and centuries old musical clay pots are worth to be mentioned here.

Royal Palace Ruins

Royal palace ruins of Jaffna are located in the city of Nallur. Yamuna Eri, Canki Thoppu archway and Mantri mania are several remaining parts of the palace existed in the past.

Dagobas at Kantharodai

This Buddhist temple is dating back to the 3rd century BC. Kantharodai dagobas is one of the significant evidences to prove the Sinhala Buddhist occupation in Jaffna since the pre-Christian era. The temple is located about 10 km north of Jaffna and it is consisting of twenty small dagobas. The dagobas are made of corals; heights of the dagobas are ranging from 1 m to 3 m.

Nagadeepa Vihara

Nagadeepa temple is one of the most historical and sacred temples in the island. It is one of the few places, where Buddha had visited in the 6th century BC. The temple is located in Nagadeepa and posses a medium size dagoba.

Keerimalai hot springs

Keerimalai hot springs are located in Kankasanturai near Naguleswaran Hindu temple. These hot springs are believed to have the healing powers due to the large concentration of minerals.


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